Friday, January 29, 2010

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorent

"The world is a rose; smell it and pass it to your friend"~Persian Proverb

Rose is my favourite scent and 'Weleda Wild Rose Deodorent' is my favourite natural product. I started using this deodorent in september last year and I have not been interested in trying any alternative deodorents ever since. This is unusual for me because I love trying new products.

This deodorent comes in a cute glass bottle which is recyclable. It has a non aerosol pump which is easy to use and never gets clogged. The deodorent dries instantly and leaves no white marks on clothes.

Please note this is not an antiperspirent so it does not stop you perspiring. It simply neutralises unpleasant odours. I think it works very well and leaves a lovely rose scent. Actually I think it is quite a good thing that it does not prevent a natural bodily function! If the rose scent is not for you there are alternative scents in the range such as sage and citrus. I think I will give the citrus a try in the summer.

This product is available in most natural health/beauty shops. Last weekend I bought a 30ml bottle in the 'The Health Store' for €6.19. Using a couple of times a day I expect this to last me for a month or so.

I would give this product five stars.

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