Sunday, February 14, 2010

Star Candle Co Soy Candle

Happy Valentines Day & Happy Chinese New Year!

In keeping with the spirit of romance today I am going to review a candle which I bought recently. As I discussed in a previous review of Max Benjamin candles I have been on a quest to find some nice soy candles in Ireland. I really love the Max Benjamin candles but I find them a little expensive( €18).

Before Christmas I was in 'Home Store and More' where I spotted the 'Star Candle' range of soy candles. They come in a glass jar with lid (similar to 'Yankee Candle' style). I was delighted to see that they were priced at around €8.00 so I thought I would definately give them a try. There is a wide range of scents and to be honest I found a lot of them very overpowering and sickly. In the end I went for the 'fresh linen' candle which has the lightest/freshest scent in the range.

So how do they compare to the Max Benjamin candles? 'Star Candle' are cheaper and bigger so they last longer. I am torn as to which I prefer the appearance of most so I will say they are equal on this front. However the Max Benjamin candles win on the nice and wide range of scents plus the fact that they are made in Ireland.

I think I will continue buying the Star Candles for everyday use and keep the Max Benjamin for special occasions. Infact a lovely Max Benjamin candle would make a fantastic Valentines gift. I wonder is my boyfriend reading?!

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