Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fruit Bellini from Bomb Cosmetics

I was in the English Market in Cork over the weekend and I noticed a little stand selling really cute bath bombs. Of course I had to buy one! They were not very well labelled so I purchased the one I liked the smell of the most. Turns out it was the 'fruit bellini bath mallow' pictured below:

How cute is that!It was hard to use something so cute but somehow I managed it this afteroon. I had a really nice bath and the scent was amazing(the mallow is scented with frankincense, sweet orange, berry and sparkling white wine!). Also it was incredibly moisturising (slightly too moisturising for my skin unfortunatley but would be good for someone with dry skin.)
The 'mallow' came in a little bag which said the manufacturer was 'bomb cosmetics'. I had not heard of them before so I looked them up online and found a website full of beautiful bath products(http://cart.bombcosmetics.co.uk/). Here are a few of the lovely products to wet your appetite:

It is a really lovely website and if you are a fan of Lush I would recommend having a look. I was pretty impressed with the product I purchased and the prices are cheaper than Lush. On the website the prices are in sterling and most things are around £2.00. I paid €2.50 for the mallow I purchased.Also there is free delivery on orders over £25.00.
Have you tried anything from 'Bomb Cosmetics'?


Everything Shea ... Creates said...

They all look amazing. That chocolate cupcake looks real & the 1st picture is also incredible & I love the combination of scents they've added. Frankincense is so deep & rich that only a tiny bit is needed.
I will look up the site as I've not yet seen it.
Thanks for the info & those great pictures. I'm craving dessert again! :)

Everything Shea ... Creates said...

P.S. If you go to the Bomb Cosmetics website you can download a 40 page full color brochure. Everything looks so awesome! :)

NiEriu said...

Those bath bombs are soooo cute! They'd make lovely pieces for decorating my bathroom.

nicolacc2008 said...

wow they look great! I'm definitely going to check their website. my skin on my body is very dry so this sounds good for me :)