Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'Wonder Products'

Every so often a new product comes on the market which there is an awful lot of hype about.They are usually reviewed in all the magazines and described as the new 'wonder product'.

I have seen two such products in a lot of magazines recently which really interest me. Firstly the Trilogy Rosehip Oil:

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is certified organic and according to their website has been clinically tested and shown to help minimise the appearance of wrinkles, smooth skin and dramatically improve skin moisture levels, leaving the skin's appearance radiant and glowing. This lightweight, non-greasy, golden oil contains Omega 3, 6 & 9, essential fatty acids and antioxidants to restore optimum skin health.

Secondly the 'Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse(multipurpose dry oil)' also interests me:
This has been available in France for years but is new to the Irish market. It can be used on the face, body, hair and contains a unique cocktail of 6 Precious Plant Oils (Borage, St Johnswort, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnut, Macadamia) with a subtle fragrance for a velvety skin, silky hair and an improved overall aspect of stretch marks.

I love the idea of both these products but I do not have dry skin so I am not too sure they are suitable for me. Apparenty oil is good for combination skin as it helps to balance it out but I am yet to be convinced that it would be a good idea to rub more oil on to my already oily skin. Although I would like to try them in my dry hair and I also believe a few drops of either oil is lovely in a bath.

I have bought 'wonder' products in the past such as 'Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream','Clarins Beauty Flash Balm'and 'YSL Touche Eclat' and did not find that they were anything to write home about.

Have you tried either of these oils or are there any 'wonder' products you were really happy with or disappointed in?

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nicolacc2008 said...

I read a comment on a blog recently where somebody said that they have been using rosehip oil as an eyecream for years. I think its worth a try?