Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lovea's Moroccan Argan Brilliance Shine Shampoo

This is my second review as part of the mypure blogging panel.

I was really happy to recieve a shampoo in the package as I love trying out new shampoos. Also I was delighted to try a product which contains Moroccan Argan Oil because I have heard that this works wonders for hair. For reference my hair is coloured and can be quite limp and dry.

Initially I did not find the packaging particularly appealing.The bright yellow colour is a little garish in my opinion and for that reason I probably would have passed it by in a shop. Also I am not particularly fond of the smell of this shampoo. It has a citrus/nutty scent which some people might like but it did not appeal to me.

This shampoo promises to make the hair shiny and stronger. However I felt it made my hair very flyaway and I did not notice any extra shine or moisture. On a positive note I did not find that there was any problem getting the shampoo to lather. Infact it lathered much easier than the Jason lavender shampoo which is only other SLS free shampoo I have tried (however I much prefer the packaging, scent and results of the Jason shampoo).

Overall I would say that this shampoo was average. It is definately not the worst shampoo I have ever tried and I was happy to be using a natural shampoo. However I personally do not feel that it was particularly beneficial to my hair type and I did not love the packaging or scent.
You can find out more about this product and purchase it on the mypure website here

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Thanks for the review, very helpful :)