Monday, October 25, 2010

Antique Rose Wedding Bouquet

Almost three months have passed since I became an engaged lady and very few wedding plans have been made...
We have looked at a couple of venues but have not yet seen one we really love. We will be visiting a venue next weekend which looks beautiful online so I am holding out hope on this being the one.
I have been doing a lot of research online and think I have found the wedding bouquet for me. Click here for the link to my ideal bouquet.
It is called the antique rose bouquet. Roses are my favourite flowers and I always adore visiting rose gardens. Different coloured roses have different meanings. Red roses are classic and symbolise love and romance. White roses represent purity and true love. Both colours are therefore ideal for a wedding. I love both red and white roses but my personal favourite are the pale pink ones. Apparently pink roses represent elegance and refinement and show happiness joy and admiration.  They symbolise appreciation and thankfulness. Hopefuly our wedding will be full of these qualities.
What are your favourite flowers and is symbolism important to you?


Eemas said...

beautiful. I also love roses, their scent is just amazing. If I thought I could get away with a rose scented perfume constantly wothout coming across a bit old lady like, then I so's also my birth flower for june which i think is nice too. I would definitely investigate the meaning of the flowers I used too...apparently all royal brides have a sprig of myrtle in their bouquets. Are you thinking of preserving your bouquet after the fact, or having done with with it and chucking it out into the crowd of braying single women?? xx

Carole said...

Those roses are gorgeous. How are your wedding plans progressing?
I notice on the top banner of the confetti website that there's a competition to win £5,000 towards your wedding - isn't that a great prize?!
Best wishes