Friday, September 3, 2010

Dresses & Diamonds

My absolute favourite shop in the whole world (well ireland at least!) is the Avoca Shop. I would live there if I could.

I do not buy very much there as it is quite expensive so when I do make a purchase it is a real treat. Yesterday was one such occasion when I bought the Zig Zag Dress:

I saw so many pretty things that I am sure I will be returning soon.

Speaking of pretty things I thought I would show you a little pic of my engagement ring:

I have had it for four weeks now but am still not quite used to this lovely sparkly thing on my finger. It is quite simple but I absoutley love it. It is a platinum band with a four claw round brilliant. I tried on many many rings but somehow felt this was 'the one'.

I would love to hear what type of engagement ring would you/did you choose?

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Eemas said...

beautiful!! If I ever con someone into propsing to me I would like a solitaire too, with a platinum band (or silver, or white gold)not sure what diamond cut, but I fortunately suit smaller stones fortunate for the man's wallet...also i'm stupid and likely to lose stuff...I would definitely need to get insurance!!