Sunday, August 22, 2010

A wedding!

A few weeks ago my lovely boyfriend asked me to marry him and I said yes!
So it has been a very exciting and eventful few weeks for us.
I am really looking forward to being married to him and this is the most important thing to me. I would be happy to get married tomorrow, just the two of us.
However we have started to think a little about the type of wedding we might like.
I have picked out a few wedding dresses that appeal to me

Can you tell I am inspired by Jane Austen?!


Eemas said...

Firstly, congratulations!! Amazing news! And secondly, lovely dresses, I especially like the first one. I like that you've distanced yourself from the whole strapless thing. I personally cannot really wear strapless numbers...I have bra issues!! If my imaginary boyfriend, ever hypothetically proposed to me and I have an equally imaginary wedding, this is so the type of thing I'd go for...trouble is these seem so hard to find...the couple of times i've been weddding dress shopping (legitimately btw...I was helping engaged friends!)these seem few and far between....lots and lots of strapless!. Good luck with all the planning! I hope you keep us all updated with the little details as you settle them... I love all of that, from seating plans, to wedding favours...all so pretty!! x

Nieriu said...

First off congratulations! I also love your choices of wedding dresses as well! If you find someone who can make them let us know? Might be nicking one of these!
I actually swung by to let u know about upcoming soapmaking course in Wicklow

naturalgoodies said...

Thanks for the lovely comments.
I am definately keeping away from the strapless style. Although it is quite hard as approx 90% of wedding dresses I see are strapless. I think I like the security of some form of strap(prob very odd!).
I will definately be keeping my blog updated with all the wedding plans:-)

Anonymous said...

im a bit late on the congratulations front, but best wishes with the wedding!
i just love the second dress xx